Setbacks highlighted

26 10 2011


The National, 26th October 2011

A SURVEY by the National Research Institute reveals that infrastructure on Bougainville cannot cope with the economic activity taking place in the autonomous region.
NRI director Dr Thomas Webster had urged the government to address the problem and place emphasis on infrastructures such as roads and banking facilities in the region.
“A survey of households in urban Bougainville leaves us with a message for our government that there is tremendous economic activity taking
place in the province but infrastructures like roads and banking systems cannot cater for it,” Webster said.
“The initial survey data provides evidence of an economic recovery in post-conflict Bougainville.
“It is the first evidence of economic recovery following the window of peace provided through an internationally-sponsored peace-keeping operation that ended the decade-long conflict.”
Head of the survey Dr Charles Yala said more economic activity would lead to peace being fully attained in the region.
“With such a boom in economic activity, we need to get the locals involved in cocoa production, build permanent houses and do other worthwhile things.”




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