Miringtoro wants stability in govt

21 10 2011


Bougainville MP Jimmiy Miringtoro has expressed disappointment for changing of departmental heads when government changes. 
Mr Miringtoro, who is also Communications Minister, said in a statement that official government documents can easily be leaked to the media when such changes occur.
He said that when the official government documents were leaked to the media in a clear-orchestrated ploy to promote the vested interests of certain individuals than this means giving away our national security to outsiders.
“And each time there is a change of government, we cannot not be seen to be changing departmental heads just for the sake of pleasing one person who needs a job,” Mr Miringtoro said. Mr Miringtoro was responding to a news article in the other daily on October 10.
“In my years as a public servant and now as a MP, I have never personally experienced anything like this, it is sickening,” Mr Miringtoro said.
He asked when Papua New Guineans would learn to respect each other and work together to develop the country.
“We cannot change this country by pushing professionals here and there just to justify our political egos.
“We are only killing the potential of our qualified nationals in nation building, however, this will only occur when they have not performed their duties and responsibilities or there is a proven misconduct in office.
“It is such personal vendetta and self centredness that is holding this country back,” Mr Miringtoro said.
Mr Miringtoro said that he is also saddened to see Mr Iduhu’s name dragged through the mud. 
“The man has given 30 years of loyal and dedicated service to the State and he deserves better,” he said. Mr Miringtoro confirmed Mr Iduhu has tendered his intention to resign in a letter to him and copied to the Secretary of Department of Personal Management (DPM), John Kali.
“In that letter, Mr Iduhu asked for advice from DPM for his resignation to take effect on February 2, 2012 as he will not be returning to the public service after the 2012 general elections, however, as a new minister, I have requested Mr Iduhu to leave the public service on February 27, 2012,” Mr Miringtoro said.





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