Momis to honour old agreements

20 10 2011



AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government president chief John Momis has promised to honor agreements made between the Mekamui Unity Government, the people of Panguna and the former James Tanis Government to resolve all outstanding differences in the area.
Mr Momis said the commitment made by the former Tanis government to consult the Mekamui Unity Government and the Chamber of Clans Paramount Council and the Panguna Landowners would still be continued.
He said his Government would continue dialogue on their issues and concerns, in particular the seven points adopted for further dialogue between the ABG and the Mekamui in March, 2010.
Meanwhile, he has also commended the former factional leaders of Bougainville for helping the ABG in its efforts to unite all factions on Bougainville.
Mr Momis commended Chris Uma for the efforts he made to re-establish peace and normalcy in the Panguna area.
And also his intervention to make sure that three representatives of the ABG, including the chief administrator were allowed free passage to Buin recently.
Mr Momis said these efforts were good and pointed to everyone working towards one unified Bougainville.
The president said the ABG had encouraged dialogue with Ishmael Toroama, the former Bougainville Revolutionary Army commander, who continues to take an active interest in supporting the peace process in Central Bougainville.
He said that these are some clear way forward in the process of unification of Bougainville.






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