13 09 2011
Islands region

Friday 09th September, 2011

‘Environment is vital’


MINING should not be the first thing on every Bougainvillean’s mind, Mekamui government of Unity Vice President Philip Takaung said.
Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Paruparu Jaba road, Philip Takaung said the environment should be the first thing people should be cautions and mindful about.
“We mustn’t let money lure us into disaster, and damage our natural habitat by destroying the eco system and we will be evacuated somewhere to live,” MrTakaung said.
He made these statements after landowner groups from other mine areas like Tore in Kunua west Bougainville and Karato in the central Bougainville west coast border, are intending to invite exploration companies into their areas.
“Don’t be fooled by money, and remember what we all fought for, because when a lot of people see money, they become greedy and forget about others.
“A lot of us, especially us the ex combatants, I can admit it right now that we are very greedy. We have lost our goal and vision of what we fought for.”
He said that when mining comes in, the baby greedy monster will grow until it eats up every body and leaves no one. “How would you feel when you give away your sacred land and your fishing and hunting grounds, to a mining company and you are relocated to some other place?” he asked.



One response

14 09 2011
John Braby

Every mine makes a mess, in many cases a disaster, like Panguna. It’s how mining companies work all over the world, without exception. I can’t believe Bougainvilleans need to learn this lesson again. Mind you, it’s been headed that way ever since the Burnham talks. Gold, copper, oil are a curse on the country that has them. It brings strange dogs sniffing around, and they are very persistent !

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