1 09 2011
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Thursday 01st September, 2011

Panguna LOs disappointed

PANGUNA Landowners Association executives have expressed their disappointment on how both the National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government leaders are handling their mine issues.
Interim chairman Chris Damana, interim deputy chairman Michael Pariu and interim secretary Lawrence Daveona have lashed out at the way in which they are not being assisted despite so many calls by both the National Government and ABG Members of Parliament to open the Panguna mine. They also lashed out at the BCL for not helping them.
Up to this day, the following commitments have not been fulfilled:
* THE former Minister for Bougainville Affairs, Fidelis Semoso, K240,000 since November 2010;
* ABG, vice president, Patrick Nisira K300,000 since February of this year;
* Member for Central now Minister for Communication, Jimmy Miringtoro K400,000 since February of this year.
* Member for South Bougainville and now Minister for Bougainville Affairs, Steven Kamma Pirika K400,000 (Promised on his behalf by Fidelis Semoso in Arawa since February this year).
“Panguna landowners and their people must not be used by Members of both Parliaments for their own self glorification and political interest,” the leaders said.
“Our people have suffered enough. You have seen fit to entertain ex-combatants with K5 million and from what we know, ABG has assisted us with K76,000 during James Tanis’ time for the two reconciliations, one in Guava and the other in Pakia for Pinei Valley. “We still have our programmed reconciliations for the Lower Tailings, Upper Tailings and Kupe Valley.
“BCL too is of no help at all. It has tied up our Social Inconvenience Compensation Payment (SIC) with ABG as if ABG was a signatory to our 1986 Supplementary Agreement. For all we know, ABG is a new entity and a bi-product of Bougainville Peace Agreement and BCL has got no right at all to keep our people chained to this new entity. It should abide by our agreement and have the funds released to us so that PLOA can stop begging ABG which is cash strapped. “The landowners have been blamed for the Bougainville crisis which has caused untold sorrow and suffering to many. The PNG economy plundered from the good old days of Bougainville Copper Limited’s mine operations,” they said.




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1 09 2011

When late F Ona and his band of Rebels closed down the mine in May 1989, they put a short notice which read, ” THE MINE WILL CLOSED UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE FROM THE JUNGLE” and the mine still close, no any further notice from the jungle to this day.

11 09 2011

One of the main reasons for closing the mine was the damage it caused to the environment. (especially the Java river). If the mine is to re-open, what guarantee do the people of Bougainville have that this pollution will not happen again. You must protect your environment for the future children of Mekamui. Thank you. Steven

12 04 2012
Aloysius Daveona

Another main reason was the grossly unequal distribution of wealth which was sanctioned by the PNG Government by enacting the Bougainville Copper Agreement (BCA) which itself was and still is flawed.

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