1 09 2011
Islands region

Thursday 01st September, 2011

Buka stages forum

SHOPS in Buka were literally closed half of the morning because of a forum staged in Buka for leaders of the Autonomous Bougainville Government to respond to questions raised on the protection of local small business holders in the region.
Malasang Women’s Group, led by former ABG deputy speaker Francesca Semoso arranged a forum for the leaders both National Parliament and ABG so that they could explain to them what policies were in place and what the leaders were doing to protect the interest of Bougainvilleans who were sweating to make their living with trade stores, wholesaling, retailing, Kaibar and selling of goods in Buka town.
ABG president John Momis, his vice Patrick Nisira and their cabinet talked to the people of Bougainville who were present at the Bel Isi Park yesterday. Mr Momis spoke of the importance of foreign investment in Bougainville to boost the economy of the newly established region. He also spoke of the arrangements the ABG is now engaged in to bring a wholesaler from Japan so Bougainville trade store owners will not have to go to Rabaul for goods.



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