14 08 2011

Saving Our Land

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Clive’s film was screened today.

I’m so glad I went along and caught up with him.

The film was great. Of course it was not pretending to be ‘neutral’, ‘balanced’ or ‘journalistic’. It was very much an expression of the film maker’s beliefs, personal history and ongoing efforts.

And this is, really, the sort of stuff that adds to the conversation – for it does not wobble along ‘down the middle’ or, conversely, blast away for maximum shock value. It is direct and personal.

Bougainvillean made – Bougainvillean voices. Maybe just one of the voices in the wonderfully diverse and complicated place that is ‘Bougainville’… but one all the same. Not to be discounted, ignored or lessened.

I doubt Clive and I share the same values or beliefs. I doubt we have the same stance on a great range of issues. And yet I count him as a close and tight friend – for his efforts, his film and music undertakings, his ongoing output… it all keeps me applauding. I stand with my hands coming together because he is a Bougainvillean telling Bougainvillean stories.

Once the screening was finished the room was opened up to questions and comments. Of course they ranged greatly, but there were some very knowledgeable people in the room who kept referring to the complexity and ongoing challenges to keep the afternoon from falling into the simplified. Thanks be.




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