25 07 2011


Mekamui Hardliners will always voice out the silent majority voices based on the principles that the Bougainville Revolutionary Army BRA fought for. If we don’t uphold the principles than our comrades, relatives, brothers, sisters, fathers and mother’s blood will be spilt in vain.

The four basic principles are:

We fought

1.        To save our land and environment

2.        To save our culture and customs

3.        To save our future generation

4.        For Independence


We see that the above 4 principles are basic in the life of the Mekamui people. That is why we joined in the war.


In regards to mining issues: we want to save our land, that is why we fought. So why should we have to entertain mining again after so many of us died and were wounded to close it?


Some outsiders who are crazy to rip our Island apart are saying that we are remotely controlled and financed from London. That is a total bullshit from a people desperate to turn our island into a desert from its natural beauty that we are enjoying today.

Why would we be controlled from outside, we are not robots?

We fought with the above principles and we still stand on them.

Those sympathizers and supporters have the same ideas of our mother earth that is why they support us morally, spiritually and through media to voice our side of the story which is not entertained by the mainstream media. The mainstream media is

mostly controlled by the mining company with money power.


There are schools, clinics and other services in Mekamui/Bougainville, nobody is stopping such services.





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