13 07 2011

New Dawn on Bougainville

By Aloysius Laukai

A Parliamentary member and Minister for Justice in Vanuatu, RALPH REGENVENU says that Melanesia is the last frontier that the world is looking to for natural scenery and resources.

He was speaking as one of the speakers at the Reeds festival yesterday.

Minister Ralph called on the people of Bougainville to protect their land, culture and resources from foreign explotation.

He said that Melanesia like Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Solomon islands are the last places on earth were the people still have land at their own hands.

The minister said that because of their land they do not need money to buy food as these food and proteins are readily available to them.

He said this is not so in other places who have to buy for everything including water and food.

Pictured is the Minister being carried by a Wakunai Kaur group.



By Aloysius Laukai

The two-day Reeds festival that was held at Tubiana near Arawa was described as a success.

Meekamui chief CHRIS UMA said that he was happy that the celebration conclude without incident.

He told New Dawn FM that this was the main aim of the Bougainville struggle to promote the identity of Bougainville and the festival has just achieved that.

MR. UMA thanked all the people that had attended the festival and hopes to see much bigger festival in the future.

New Dawn FM estimates that more than five thousand people including the participants attended the ceremony.

By Aloysius Laukai

The two-days Reeds festival ended just after lunch with all participants sharing 8 pigs and all the food that was hanging on the food stall since the start of the festival.
According to Chief PETER GARUAI the two-day ceremony attracted seventeen groups from Inus down to Bana district.

He was speaking at the end of the celebrations this afternoon.
Chief Garuai said that the first Reeds festival in 2009 attracted 13 groups and this year the numbers have increased.

MR. GARUAI also thanked all the people including overseas friends that have gathered for the festival.

The Christensen fund team returned by road to Buka where they boarded a chartered plane to Port Moresby.

MR. GARUAI urged the people to remain united and return for the next show in 2013.



Background is the Picture of the Food Stall with 8 Pigs to be shared with all participants.



Picture of a Dance group ready to perform at the ceremony



110711 Picture
Groups stood in two lines in full traditional gear whilst the main Sponsors walked to the stage.



By Aloysius Laukai in Arawa

The second REEDS Festival started in style this morning with all participants lining up in their traditional attires to allow the sponsors of the event President of the US based Christensen Foundation, DIANE Christensen her husband and daughter plus Board members of the Foundation to walk in the middle to the stage.
This was the second Reeds Festival since the first festival was held in 2009.
The festival was started by the late WILLIAM TAKAKU with funding support from Christensen funds.
Speakers at the Opening ceremony spoke highly of the vision the Late William had to resurrect dying cultures due to modern influences.
The late Takaku wanted the Reeds festival as a mark of Bougainville’s unique style in making music with the Bamboo (kaur).
The show of Bougainville’s unique styles were then displayed until late in the afternoon.

10 July 2011


The team were able to visit the closed Panguna mine.
They are pictured with Panguna Chief PHILIP TAKAUNG at the mine pit.
Picture by Aloysius Laukai





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