13 07 2011

New Dawn on Bougainville

300611  BBA proposes Happy city awareness
Bougainville Business Association or BBA will by next week submit a proposal to the newly established Bougainville China Cooperation Committee or BCCC for BBA to carry out awareness throughout Bougaiville on the proposed Happy city at Kokopau.
BBA executive committee director Thomas Rabanz says BBA would require about K500,000 to carry out awareness on the concept of Happy city proposed by Chinese investors early this month.
He said the Happy city concept would be a key factor in reviving the region’s economy however before any agreement is reached, there must be an awareness carried out to educate the public on what will be involved and how the people of Bougainville would benefit from it.

Comment on the Happy City awareness proposal:

Was walking around Buka town this morning and noticed a public notice for a fundraising BBQ infront of City Pharmacy to raise funds for Buka General Hospital.

Rabanz, K500, 000.00 is too much for an awareness campaign. Give the K500, 000.00 to Buka General Hospital where it is needed most.

The awareness should be systematic:
1. People that matter most-the landowners. You may have a good plan for the Happy City but you have to make the Landowners Happy first.

2. The Local investors. How will they benefit, how can they invest in this development.

3. The rest of Bougainville. They will be repaying the loan. There are representatives in in Buka, Arawa and Buin of most citizens of Bougainville.

4. Once you have the support of the above, stage 2 of the awareness can go to all districts and COEs

Step i – 3 requires K20, 000.00 only. Step 4, needs K50, 000.00 because you are going to the Atolls and remote areas of Bougainville.

There are other cost effective ways available. You don’t need to look far.

Posted by: Lanbong | 03 July 2011




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