8 06 2011


080611 business interests
By Aloysius Laukai

More than One thousand people gathered at the Kenys Hall in Buka town to discuss growing concerns about foreign businesses entering Bougainville without proper clearance from authorities.

The meeting organized by the Regional member FIDELIS SEMOSO followed a personal confrontation with a Business based in Rabaul and the Regional member on Monday this week.
The meeting called on the ABG to improve its investment policy to address certain businesses that should be run by Indigenous Bougainvilleans only.
Speakers at this meeting among other things called on the Bougainville Business Community (Association) to work closely with the Bougainville administration and the Bougainville leaders to address these growing concerns.
They talked on loop holes being manipulated by certain groups to conduct Business on Bougainville.A number of Resolutions have been made at the meeting to address issues such as defining who is a Bougainvillean according to the Bougainville constitution and if this is been misused put other policies to stop it being manipulated.
The meeting also agreed to meet in Four week’s time to hear responds from the Minister for Commerce and Trade regarding these issues.




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27 06 2011
anthony barrett

good luck on your struggle if only the rest of the world was like you and looked after the resources better we would all have a nicer world and a healthy land all the best TONY BOON

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