19 04 2011

 A total disaster to the future Bougainville generation

            From the Meekamui Desk, Arawa.

Panguna mine re-opening is a very sensitive issue it is not for Rio Tinto, BCL, PNG, ABG and a few pro-mining landowners executive to discuss it in the guest houses in Buka or the hotels in Port Moresby and sign agreements or any other binding documents to decide on the mine re-opening. It is the total population’s prerogative to come up with a decision which best suits them.

PNG and BCL are standing crystal clear that for the last years they have been pushing ABG to organize Panguna mine affected landowners into the categorized lease groups to form up six groups of landowner associations and succeeded in a way but they still yet to form an umbrella body or association from which two or three members will be appointed to represents the six associations if and when the B.C.A review takes place. An idea which even those in the association are opposed to.

All concerned Bougainvilleans, especially the villagers around Panguna and Java river tailings people have continuously voiced out their opposition when they hear so much about Panguna mine re-opening. They were the most affected people and the effects of the environmental destructions remain crystal clear today. One can only travel to Panguna and witness the destructions done to the ecology and the hardships the people in Panguna area are facing today.

As it is known and it is in the records of Bougainville war twenty thousands lives have been lost and their blood is still crying, their properties destroyed and for PNG and BCL to push ABG for their gain to re-open the mine is uncalled for. BCL and PNG have to put right the Bougainville people, there is no justice and BCL has not re-addressed for the loses and damages to our environment and the properties destroyed.

BCL and PNG Government have failed the people of Bougainville and caused them much head ache and pain, the Original Meekamui stand now is: no to the re-opening of the mine. When the mine remains closed it will do away with all the problems associated with the mining industry.

There are surely other resources in Bougainville that ABG can develop in order to sustain the economy on the Island. One and the only renewable resource is the agriculture sector. This is where from all walks of life Bougainvilleans can put their hands to it and they will be participating in the creation of economy for our Island or nation with the eco-system intact which otherwise with mining it would have the opposite effect.

From the desk of Meekamui we ask concerned Bougainvilleans to think positive to save our Island. Let us not bow down to these western sharks and eastern tigers, the multi international corporations who are coming in disguise of bringing services or helping us at the invitation of those self centred or self interested people who want to become fat cats as we are witnessing in PNG and we will be affected if we remain with PNG.

Let us hold our hands together and save our Island and our future generations. If we don’t we will be cursed for not acting now. Let Panguna mine remain closed.

William Mungta,

Meekamui Office Arawa.




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