15 04 2011

                                                              Wind house @ Manee Resources

On the 7th April I booked my comrades truck and we took off on a trip that was very interesting in the way the set up was done in the mountains of Kongara. It used to be the stronghold for the BRA during the height of the war.

We bought some fruits on the roadside market at Makaki point to keep us busy while driving on the rough and stony road.

I saw the beautiful set up in a face book photo taken by someone who went there earlier. I noticed a familiar face on that photo, so when I came to Arawa I asked him if I could take some footage of the venue and put it in my story “Bougainville after the war”, he told me no problems.

JM the comrade who drove us there told me that only rough and all weather drivers goes that far, as it is very tiring driving that stony road. We reached the place in no time as the wheels of the truck are big footed and always count no pot holes or stone big enough to slow any other truck.

We were welcomed by the owner of the rest place.

I went into action filming and taking photos wasting no time as the place itself was very exciting and interesting. There is this wind house at the middle of the big fishpond with video screen and entertainment going on.

The owner’s son said it’s time to feed the fish so he took some food and put his hands down to the water and all the fish came up to have their breakfast from his hands, very amazing!

I asked the Leo when did they come up with the idea of building such a beautiful resort like place in the highlands of Mekamui/Bougainville?

He told me after the war they thought that we fought to defend and preserve our land; so let’s do something that will not make our land become wasteland and gravel like it can be after digging copper and gold.

One of the founders and the contact in Arawa David Onari says, this is something we fought for, this is our land and we will keep the land so that our children and their children will use it.

On the questions of security as it is far and further away from Arawa he says if anyone is interested in going there and visit or camp there for how long he/she wants they will provide security. On top of that he says all is peace now, there are no troubles or hold ups as the mainstream media in many cases likes to refer to Mekamui/Bougainville.

The owner Orinu and his son says that with mining our motherland will be wasted and one cannot plant food. This setup is better as we will not spoil the land and at the same time you can plant your food on the side of the project area.

Leo asked if I was willing to go up to the lookout site, which is yet to be cleared and a small wind house to be build. We follow him up the track for a couple of minutes, unfortunately we can’t see anything as the fog covers the view. However, it was very nice.

We headed back on a different track and arrived on the other side of the fish pond. We were welcomed back with a dish of big and tasty taro with green soko. We sat at the wind house on the fishpond and ate while listening and watching music clips.

The water from the fishpond goes out to a dump from where it goes straight to turn the motor of the mini hydro which gives the electricity to the wind house and two other small houses. The power will go on for 24 hours and you can sit there and watch videos for how long you want.

As time catches up we have to go back to Arawa so we had to say goodbye to the people and head back to Arawa.

Mekamui/Bougainville is safe in many ways compare to other parts of PNG.

When you are thinking of visiting Mekamui/Bougainville, try out the Manee Resources camping site, and you will see and taste the reality and fresh air of Mekamui/Bougainville.




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17 04 2011
Bougainville Tourism Office

Best best experience….Clive. We love your story of the great place. The last visit was made by Jaive Smare of and our very own Zhon Bosco of Bougainville Experience Tours ( Their account is linked to our newsletter here: .
Your report is also linked to the Tuie: Bougainville Tourism Newsletter. Your report take into account 24hours electricity, the entertainment area, the local taro dish and road. Thank you very much again for this great article and pictures.

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