7 03 2011

President Axel must feel very insecure, weak and unconfident about BCL’s future in Panguna to reply to a caring article in such a undignified manner. What a jerk!      BJ


The European Shareholders of 

Bougainville Copper (ESBC) 

Axel G. Sturm (President)

Atic 1 * Carrer de la Canya 7 

AD700 Escaldes-Engordany 

Principality of Andorra / Europe

Phone: +376 82 88 87 * Fax: +376 82 88 57


Why are you still spreading out these horrible lies like in your article here?  


10 01 2011 

Re-opening Panguna Mine is like re-opening the old wound. 

That’s a lie: The re-opening of the mine will bring prosperity to 

Bougainville and a future for the young generation! 

In the Melanesian culture and customs which are close to the Mekamui/Bougainville culture and customs the thing that involves blood or bloodshed is very hard to compensate with money.

Another lie: The first your people ask if there is bloodshed is compensation. Example: When a young man was killed one year ago at a road block, the family did not ask to bring the killers to justice – they asked for compensation by money, a car and other valuable goods! You should better know your own people!!!!! 

In this regard, the closing down of Panguna Mine involved blood and the  loss of lives of twenty thousand fighters, innocent children, men and women from the Southern tip to the Northern isles of Mekamui/Bougainville. 

You know very well that only approximately 1200 people were killed by unrest on Bougainville. The others died because of lack of medicines and normal death in that period. 

Why don’t you mention that Me’ekamuis still kill people for their pleasure like recently on a soccer ground near Buin????  Why don’t you write that so called fighters are stealing and blackmailing simple people in Bougainville??? 

Stop to publish all that bullshit now or are you mentally sick?? 

Without the cultural cleansing taking place it will make things worse and there is likely to be another bloodshed if trying to re-open the mine. 

For the very people that had the negative legacy from the bitter war they don’t want to see the re-opening of the mine. Re-opening of the mine should not be dictated by the outsiders as they don’t care about the people and their land, their interest lies only with the minerals and the money. 

This is also a lie: There is nothing “dictated” from outsiders!!! The People of Bougainville claim for re-opening of Panguna by BCL!!! 

With all the promises again by the mining company, promises that will bring development and employment, development that when signed they will erect a fence and the local landowner will look like a foreigner in his own land.

Employment so that in the end the children will live in a land of no milk and honey. 

As we always argue: Is it only copper and gold that are the only economic revenue to make it possible for an Island to become an independent Island nation? 

YES it is only copper and gold!!!!!

The copper and gold at Panguna is a blood mineral: all of Bougainvilleans blood lays there. 

Let’s talk about and invest in different economic revenues like cocoa, copra, tourism, fisheries etc. 

Nobody is dying when no copper and gold mining is in operation. 

Our Island is very small and very beautiful let’s keep it that way for our future generations. 

Let us not sink it with all the craziness for the copper and gold business. 

For the love of Earth  

What bullshit is this? YOU are the one spreading

out hatred, jealousy and even promoting death!!!! 


So, Clive, wake up and and re-build Bougainville like many others do! Or are you happy to be an outlaw and a notorous lier?? 

Are you sure that you are not possessed by some kind of bad demon???  



Escaldes-Engordany,  01.03.2011


Hello my friend,

Good to hear from you again after a long time.

All is smile and good news on your side isn’t it and because I been a pain in the neck for you guys you called me militant anti mining activist and other names etc.

As a Mekamuian/Bougainvillean who represents the people who are against the re-opening of the mine I have all the rights to say what my people want and don’t want. When God created Mekamui, he put us to be in charge, you, he put you in charge of where you come from, not Mekamui/Bougainville.

I am not crazy, you are, as you are desperate to rip my Island apart and leave it with another heart felt suffering on my people where the future generations will not have better land to plant their food. Look at what you have created on the Island already: a big hole and loss of 20 000 lives because of that mine.

 There are always two sides to a coin, which means there are people on the ground that want a review and maybe re-open the mine, there are also people on the ground that don’t want a review and don’t want that mine re-opened. 

My friend, we will see what will happen time only will tell, but we had enough and don’t want more destruction to our land in the name of development and employment. We had enough of social problems that were brought in by mining when outsiders come in looking for jobs and creating squatter settlements.

Before signing off I would very much love to challenge or debate and argue with a fellow Mekamuian/Bougainvillean than with a foreigner like you who have no piece of land on the Island but only mining interest.

 The people who you have contact to and are talking with, those stake holders the pro mining landowners are not the only once who closed that mine, All of Bougainvilleans from South to North came together otherwise the security forces of PNG could have wiped the landowners out as in other places in the similar conflicts.

So we all have a say in that bloody mine.

 Thank you






2 responses

7 03 2011
L. Power

Wow!! If Alex is any indication of the sort of people who own that mining company and want to come back into Bougainville; you would be far better off without it. What an arrogant prig.

14 06 2011

Anyone who’s talking about reopening the Panguna Mine under the same of Rio Tinto structure must be very sick in his mind. He/she desperately needs penicillin injection to become normal again. Panguna Mine will not reopen, period!

We fought for 3 things (i) Culture, (ii) Land/Environment, and (iii) Independence. No foreigner shall be allowed again to destroy my culture. No foreigner shall be allowed again to destroy my land/environment.. No foreigner shall be allowed again to keep my people under foreign control. Unless/until we realize our full independence/ sovereignty as a nation BCL/Rio Tinto is not returning, Full Stop! Harim!

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