10 01 2011

Re-opening Panguna Mine is like re-opening the old wound.

In the Melanesian culture and customs which are close to the Mekamui/Bougainville culture and customs the thing that involves blood or bloodshed is very hard to compensate with money.

In this regard, the closing down of Panguna Mine involved blood and the loss of lives of twenty thousand fighters, innocent children, men and women from the Southern tip to the Northern isles of Mekamui/Bougainville.

Without the cultural cleansing taking place it will make things worse and there is likely to be another bloodshed if trying to re-open the mine.

For the very people that had the negative legacy from the bitter war they don’t want to see the re-opening of the mine. Re-opening of the mine should not be dictated by the outsiders as they don’t care about the people and their land, their interest lies only with the minerals and the money.

With all the promises again by the mining company, promises that will bring development and employment, development that when signed they will erect a fence and the local landowner will look like a foreigner in his own land. Employment so that in the end the children will live in a land of no milk and honey.

As we always argue: Is it only copper and gold that are the only economic revenue to make it possible for an Island to become an independent Island nation?

The copper and gold at Panguna is a blood mineral: all of Bougainvilleans blood lays there.

Let’s talk about and invest in different economic revenues like cocoa, copra, tourism, fisheries etc.

Nobody is dying when no copper and gold mining is in operation.

Our Island is very small and very beautiful let’s keep it that way for our future generation.

Let us not sink it with all the craziness for the copper and gold business.

For the love of Earth






One response

31 01 2011

Many blessing to the people and land of Bougainville. I have showed many people “The Coconut Revolution” and everyone finds your story inspiring. People seeking riches are still talking about opening the mine since the price of copper and gold continue to skyrocket. Please don’t give in!
Everywhere mining goes, nothing grows and pollution results. Beware of “alternative energy” since it still relies on mining for copper and other materials.
I am interested in assisting how ever I can from Hawaii, USA if there is a need. Whether putting on viewings of “The Coconut Revolution” or working on sending “new” plant species to your island, please let me know. Reach me at

I have lived a good chunk of my life with no electricity, except for plugging in to do advocacy work. Anyone can do it, it just takes time to set up an infrastructure.

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