13 12 2010

As the talked of Panguna Mine started couple of weeks ago, I asked one of the Mekamui group leader who declared himself King and controls some parts of Mekamui/Bougainville about the issue, below the question and the answer.

Brother, what is your stand on Panguna mine? Also that of the Prime Minister William Sivusia and over all of Mekamui Government under you and PM Sivusia leadership? Regards,

Re: Panguna Mine

Hi Clive. My apologies for not responding sooner. Panguna Mine was closed and will
remain shut until B'ville realizes her full independence or sovereignty as a nation.
Although ABG and some Panguna landowners may crave to open the Mine now it will not
happen yet until all B'ville governments learn to work together, united as one and
in perfect harmony.
And even if we have to reopen the Mine it will not be under present structural
The new rule of thumb says "no gold shall be taken out of Bougainville. All gold
that was taken out will be returned to B’ville through the new system; all gold
under the ground belongs to the people and if mined will be stored in B'ville's own
Central Bank for currency issuance, collateral, trade, etc, in the new B’ville
In this way B'ville's new Economy will be worth trillions of funds, comparable to or
even bigger than most so-called First World Nations. If for environmental reasons we
choose not to mine it we will still survey it as “in-ground-assets” and base our new
economy on it. According to an airborne survey conducted just before the crisis
B’ville assets are definitely worth trillions of dollars.
That may be enough info for now. Thanks again for the question. Bless.



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