18 08 2010

During the no mining campaign in Australian Cities and towns there were Australian Citizen who came forward and say apology after hearing what their Government did to my people on the Island of Mekamui/Bougainville.

However, there was one particular person who makes me very sad and speechless when Joanne and myself told them that the Australian Government supplied four helicopters, guns and bullets to Papua New Guinea Government and its Defence force to kill the twenty thousand Bougainvilleans.

After screening my video he stood up and told us that this is the first time that he heard the truth about the longest and bloodiest conflict in the South Pacific after the Second World War. He was sad that the Australian citizen tax money was been used to kill the innocent Indigenous people of Bougainville.

With tears in his eyes he say apology on behalf of the Citizens of Australia who cares for the people, land and their culture. That makes me sad that the Governments had kept the stories hidden and tell its propaganda to its Citizen. I passed on the aoplogy to every Bougainvilleans that I met and talked to upon my return from Australia.




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18 08 2010
Maria de Vries

It is great to know that some of the truth about Bougainville is coming to be shared to Australians. And that there are some Australians whose hearts have opened to realise that indirectly we have played a part in the sorrows carried by the Bougainvilleans.

I was priviliged to read first hand stories from students that I was tutoring at FODE in Bougainville. I spent hours pouring over their words, crying over thier stories of living in the jungles – living in fear – living the life of a ‘unwanted’ in their own home.

My short time in Bougainville helped me clarify my role in life. Everything I do now is towards quitely providing a positive contribution to Peace and Prosperity to this the most beautiful place in the world that I know.

I have adopted Bougainville as my home. I hope that as the years progress Bougainville will adopt me as one of her children.

God Bless Our Beloved Bougainivlle

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