3 08 2010

Mekamui hardliners spoke person Blackstone Oraru while commenting on the new ABG Leaders wants to see that ABG must base on agriculture and not into mining, as it will cause much pain and even bloodshed.

Bougainville is the biggest cocoa and coconut producer and should be no problem; all ABG should strike a good deal with a Country to sell cocoa and coconut direct instead of going through PNG. Also ABG should build a cocoa or copra factory on Bougainville.

We don’t want to destroy our beautiful Island when mining and it will become another desert in the Pacific Ocean. Enough is enough on mining, there are many tiny Pacific Island nations with no big cocoa and coconut plantation in their back yard but they still survive and run their Government. He question why can’t Bougainville with its cocoa and coconut wealth be in focus and prioritised.

ABG should encourage the alluvial gold, or small-scale mining, which people are doing in the meantime, as people will benefit. ABG can carry awareness for the people not to use mercury or other dangerous chemicals.

We have fought to stop the mine and it cost the lives of 20 thousand Bougainvilleans, why should the very own government is talking about re-opening the deadly mine again? The Panguna landowners though they have the right to their land they must know that from the issue of mine we all fought and it is still a sensitive issue. All of Bougainville should have a say, or a referendum must be held to decide on the future of Panguna mine.

The hills is our god and the earth our goddess, between the two we have the rains and waters, those wanting to mine Bougainville will slowly take over all this, where will we go?




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