3 08 2010

After 10 years of blood and tears a new Bougainville Autonomous Government President is saying negative statement even though thousands perished for Independence for Bougainville.

In fact the referendum is conditional, which means Bougainville must have this and that before the referendum. Why is that when it cost the lives of many people fighting for the freedom of Bougainville and the children? Bougainvilleans will not move or return back from the state they reached so far; Mr Momis should negotiate for the referendum to be held no later than 2015 as by moving forward it will be a pain in the neck.

Investors may come later when Bougainville gains Independence, because Independence is the issue on the ground not the investment and capacity building. What people fought for must come first and their brothers and sisters blood must not waste for the so call investment, they die fighting for none other than Independence.

On the issue of weapons, if Papua New Guinea granted Independence to Bougainville on day one the weapons will be handed in but with out Independence no weapons will be disposed. Though Bougainvilleans don’t want to fight nor want to make any civil war, enough is enough just don’t sell out our island again.

Mr President Momis and his ABG will lost support if he doesn’t talk and negotiated referendum and Independence for Bougainville. It looks like that the Momis lead ABG doesn’t have support from the people anymore, as he is not talking about the heart longing desire for the people [Independence].




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12 08 2010

I have been following the history of the island Bougainville and find this situation very similar to the recent movie movie, Avitar. In the movie, and in the history of Bougainville “GREED” is the underlying factor. These people have a right to their land and heritage. These people are only poor in our standards as Americans, but very rich in their conection to their “mother island.” I think Clive Porabou has the right outlook for his beloved island. Good luck

5 06 2012
Desmond Huang

Charmelprice, I agree with your view.
I will present a talk on ‘Avatar and Bougainville’ on 6 June 2012 at Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School, Hong Kong.

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