26 05 2010

Many were wound in the struggle, many were killed in the struggle, many were the victims of brutality and many were the victims of humiliation, all in the name of closing down the mine and Independence for Mekamui/Bougainville. Will it be in our living days or dying days, as the new Autonomous Government will be in place will the new leaders works towards our only goal that is Independence for our motherland?

A Bougainvillan mother who lives away from her motherland treasure so much her land and sent me the message below,

All Bougainvilleans need to work together to map out a plan on how to best develop our island without the need to reopen Panguna mine.  As a mother I feel very strongly that the mine should remain closed till every other requests had been fulfilled and a new agreement should be made up where more revenue should be generated back to the island.

MeKamui/Bougainville must become an Independent Island Nation, so our new leaders must work hard so that our comrades, relatives. brothers and sisters and loves ones blood will not be wasted for nothing.




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