28 03 2010

Land is our mother, Land is our lifeline, Land is our future.

Don’t dig copper and gold, Dig garden, Taro, Yam and Potato

Without Forest there is no culture, with forest there is culture.

The bulk of the rural people of Bougainville don’t want mining on their Island again. Mining can be talked about after Bougainville become an Independent Island Nation and the Government of the day for the people can control it not from Port Moresby some 600 kilometers away.

The issue now, is Independent not mining, however as BCL is doing all it can to talk to the Panguna Landowners it is heading towards creating a very sensitive part which Bougainvilleans will fight each other and more bloodshed on the Island. We Bougainvilleans don’t want bloodshed again and we don’t want to make war, enough is enough.

In my trips to my motherland, women the mothers of the land used to tell me that mining is a very big problem and will not give us anything. Lucy Madoi a strong woman from Kongara in my last trip in November 2009 says, “Mining will bring more outsiders in and more social problems as in the past, We the mothers will live in fear again, Remember our future, Remember our children’s future and our Islands future.


Mekamui Hardliners stopped Solfish Bougainville Trip.

8 03 2010

Mom is not the man for Independent Mekamui/Bougainville.

On the 8th of February a new shipping Company in Solomon Islands, Solfish shipping took a trial trip to Bougainville with only three[3] Bougainvillean passengers who are returning back to their motherland and a Bougainvillean Papua New Guinea Diplomat with his wife. The shipping trip between Bougainville and Solomons has been arranged by the former Bougainville Revolutionary Army General Sam Kauona and the Bougainvillean PNG Diplomat to Solomon Islands.
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