9 02 2009

The two great leaders from Central Bougainville have now died, sad to say that they passed away with out seeing Bougainville become an Independent Island Nation.When they were divided, late Ona forming the Meekamui Government and Kabui the than Bougainville People’s Congress they haven’t talked to each other face to face. Ona’s followers saying that with Ona Bougainville will be an Independent Nation while Kabui’s followers saying no with Kabui.

Now as they are both gone, only their names means something to the Kieta and all of Central Bougainville people. Their first names were Christian and their second names were in Kieta language.

ONA, Means change, his loyal followers know that another Ona will change him as his name says and will lead them to the promise land.

KABUI, Means grows up, When you cut a cutnut tree after a few months time it will put forth buds. Another Kabui will grow up soon.

In the biblical times, Moses the greatest leader didn’t see the promised land.

Ona’s death they said it’s suspected malaria while Kabui died from suspected heart attacked.Couple of years ago we got a copy of the 50 Bougainvileans who are on the death list starting with Ona, Kabui, Kaouna, Ismael and Chris Uma the list goes on. A supporter asked me after the news of Kabui’s death, is the death list still active even there is peace on the Island?

Lately before Kabui’s death,he got to much pressure from with in his Autonomous Government and other Bougainvilleans as well as Papua New Guineans.
Two days after Kabui passed away, a PNG Diplomat was telling me that it’s a good thing Kabui passed away he didn’t included PNG in the Invincible deal, his deal will died with him.
Kabui did the deal for the best of every single Bougainvilleans.

The death of the two great leaders is not a natural death but invovled foul play, however as their names says, there will be a great new leader who will comes up to lead the children of Bougainville towards the freedom which they been crying for so long.

Long live Mekamui, Bougainville.




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